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3 Fun Facts About the Sun

The Sun, is the closest star to planet Earth and is one of the main sources of life on the planet. While there is a lot to still learn about the Sun, there are many things scientists know already.

1. The Sun’s Relation to Earth

The Sun is responsible for aiding in process like photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Some other notable features is how it provides light and keeps the Earth in a stable orbit. 


         A year is one orbit around the Sun. To be more precise, it takes Earth about 365 days to fully orbit the Sun. This is why there are four season, each season reflects the distance between Earth and the Sun. Winter obviously occurs when the Earth is facing furthest away from the Sun while summer occurs when Earth is closer to the Sun. This is because the Earth does not orbit the Sun in a perfect circle, but rather a oval like shape.

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             Earth, being in the third orbital level away from the Sun, is approximately 93 million miles. To make it easier to calculate, scientists just label that as 1 au (astronomical units). Obviously since the Earth is always at a different distance from the Sun, scientists measure the distance between the distance of the Sun and the orbital of the Earth, not Earth itself.

2. Life and Death of a Star

With a diameter of 864,000 miles (which is 109 times larger than Earths’) and burns at 1.7 million degrees F, it is definitely not something to get too close too. The Sun is recorded to be about 4 and a half billion years old. While the time of death of the star can’t be exactly told, it is estimated that it will explode in around 4 to 5 billion years, so you can sleep feeling safe and free of worry. 

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3. What is the Sun Made Of?

 Most of the Sun is Hydrogen, with only a fourth being helium. Elements like iron, carbon, neon, oxygen, nickel, chromium, sulfur, magnesium, silicon, and calcium are also present. 

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