Hi, I’m James.


On the eve of Christmas 1982, when the skies were clear and the air was full of excitement, I went up to a roof of old tiles and damp moss with a Walmart Kid’s Telescope that my parents bought for me as a Christmas present.

The telescope was mounted on a tabletop tripod, rough and uncomfortable, but at that time it was the most incredible thing that I had ever seen. I placed it at the top of a metal staircase full of paint residue, climbed it, and tried to focus on the Pleiades, which I thought I was confusing with another well-known constellation at the time.

The feelings of astonishment and excitement that I felt were tremendous. Magnificent. Many years have passed since that day, but the passion I feel towards astronomy is as strong as ever. It is the happiness and pleasure I feel when I look at a sky full of gleaming stars that keeps me coming back.

Why was TelescopeDaily Created? 

A site for explorers and adventurers, TelescopeDaily is a community where lovers of astronomy and astrophotography can find information, advice, and above all else, inspiration.

Our goal at TelescopeDaily is to bring Astrofanactics together, to guide you on through your journey as you explore the universe, and most importantly, to help you see beyond.

And that’s why we promise to always be beside you as you take on your quest to discover everything you need to know about telescopes and their accessories.

The truth is that I would not like you to fall into the hands of websites or inexperienced users who attempt to take advantage of you by recommending expensive, yet unfitting, equipment. At TelescopeDaily, every product is meticulously tested and reviewed before we make a recommendation, so you that whenever you’re looking to take your love for the stars to another level, you can do so with the security and confidence that you are buying the right product for you.

And remember…

The Wonders of the Universe are at YOUR Fingertips